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It was partly for the sake of the joists of her house that Jan donated her archive to Seven Stories, the Newcastle-based National Centre for Children’s Books. This was in 2005, so less than a year before she died. The following describes the collection, and gives wonderful insight into Jan’s three-draft writing process as well as the planning stages of her work.

Thunder and Lightnings

  • File of MS notes
  • Annotated draft TS – early
  • Later annotated draft TS
  • Copy-edited TS, annotated with instructions for printer. Also includes inserts of illustrations (b/w photocopies), and annotated proofs of title pages, which suggest that an original title for the novel was ‘Summer Lightnings’
  • Extract from a Common Entrance Exam to public schools (English paper), dated 21st Feb 1977. It features a passage from Thunder and Lightnings, with questions regarding the passage following.
  • Under the Autumn Garden
    • 1st draft TS, annotated
    • MS notes, including drawings of maps
    • 2nd draft TS, annotated, closer to published version
    • 3rd draft TS, annotated sporadically
    • Annotated copy-edit
    • 2 drafts of radio adaptation
Under the Autumn Garden – hand-drawn map
  • The Ennead
    • 3 spiral bound notebooks containing MS notes and draft passages, as well as doodles. The majority of passages have been crossed out – perhaps JM crossed these out as she used them
    • Draft annotated TS, ending different to that of published novel. Folder states this is 2nd draft.
    • A4 lined notepad with MS draft passages and illustrations
    • Collection of loose MS notes from different notepads
    • Draft TS (3rd according to folder) with occasional annotations and a compliments slip from ‘Jackie’ at Kestrel Books which reads “Returned for your archives!”, and is dated 23/6/78.
    • Page of typed ‘stream of consciousness’ style writing
    • TS list of editorial suggestions, annotated with Mark’s responses
    • Copy of above, very slight annotations
    • MS notes relating to the background of The Ennead
    • Page of photocopied MS editorial notes, annotated with doodles and sums by Mark
The Ennead – solar system map
The Ennead – typed stream-of-consciousness notes

Angel Katy (based on TV series ‘Angels’, published under pseudonym Leah Harrow) (NB this is probably an adult book)

  • Draft annotated typescript
  • Earlier draft annotated TS and MS combined
  • Notes from BBC about the characters in the ‘Angels’ series. Details on Katy and Hughie have been separated out and annotated by Mark.
  • 4 headshots of characters from the ‘Angels’ series
  • MS notes on the story
  • Annotated TS notes on story – research
  • Example of a multiple choice exam for nurses
  • Ward allocation schedule of characters in the TV show
  • MS notes and draft passages

Nothing to be Afraid Of

  • Copy-edited TS with annotations for the printer
  • 4 drafts of title story (1 MS, 3 TS, final one not annotated)
  • 4 drafts of ‘Send’ (1 MS, 3 TS, all annotated)
  • 3 drafts of ‘The Choice is Yours’ (1 MS, 2 TS). First draft is titled ‘Go Hockeysong’. All annotated.
  • 3 TS drafts of ‘The Coronation Mob’, all annotated
  • 3 drafts of ‘How Anthony Made a Friend’ (1 MS, 2 TS), all annotated
  • 3 drafts of ‘Divine Melodious Truth’ (1 MS, 2 TS), MS titled ‘Arthur’s Miracle’, all annotated
  • 3 drafts of ‘Nule’ (1 MS, 2 TS), all annotated
  • 4 drafts of ‘Marrow Hill’ (1 MS, 3 TS), all annotated (last one only one annotation)
  • 3 drafts of ‘Charming!’ (1 MS, 2 TS), all annotated

Hairs in the Palm of the Hand

  • 4 drafts of ‘Time and the Hour’ (1 MS, 3 TS), all annotated
  • MS draft passages from ‘Chutzpah’, with some notes
  • 3 TS drafts of ‘Chutzpah’, all annotated
  • 4 pages of MS notes for ‘Time and the Hour’
  • Copy-edit of Hairs in the Palm of the Hand annotated with instructions for the printer
  • 2 annotated drafts of a radio dramatisation of ‘Time and the Hour’

The Short Voyage of The Albert Ross

  • 3 draft TS of original short story, annotated
  • 1 MS draft of most of the short novel
  • 2 draft TS of short novel, annotated (2nd one only v. slightly)

The Dead Letter Box

  • 3 drafts of story (1 MS, 2 TS), annotated
  • Letter to ‘Julia’ (MacRae?) about editorial changes, 10/12/81
  • 3 A3 sheets photocopied from a school textbook(?) about stages of writing, using examples from the 1st and 2nd draft, and the published version of The Dead Letter Box.


  • 1st and 2nd draft TS, annotated, one separated by chapter and containing additional MS passages
  • 3 small spiral-bound notebooks, containing notes on the story
  • Draft TS with MS insertions and annotations, with notes on water divination and MS draft of opening pages
  • Copy-edited TS with instructions for printer


  • Spiral-bound A5 notebook containing notes on the story, a description of the life of a ‘Bladdersaurus’, and short reviews of stories written by Mark’s own pupils(?)
  • Draft TS with MS insertions, annotated
  • TS with sporadic annotations
  • MS notes and draft passage of pp. 112-121 (of Puffin Books 1985 edition), annotated TS of the same section, and an unannotated TS (later)
Handles – typed first page; probably the second draft
Handles – armoured wheelbarrow sketch

At The Sign of the Dog and Rocket

  • Draft MS from glued A4 notebook (NB order slightly out – first few pages are at back of second notebook)
  • Draft TS (2nd?), separated by chapter, annotated
  • Draft MS of radio dramatisation
  • TS of radio dramatisation
  • Correspondence between JM and Peter Fozzard at BBC radio

Feet (Collection of short stories)

  • 3 TS and 1 MS of ‘Feet’
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Posts and Telecommunications’
  • 1 TS of ‘Poor Darling’
  • 2 TS of ‘I Was Adored Once Too’
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Mrs Tulkinghorne’s First Symphony’
  • 3 TS of ‘Still Life: Remote Control’
  • 1 TS and 1 MS, plus MS notes, of ‘A Little Misunderstanding’
  • 1 TS and 1 MS of radio dramatisation of ‘Feet’
  • NB ‘Enough is Too Much Already’ is not included (though see below…)

Enough is Too Much Already (Collection of short stories, about the same characters)

  • 1 MS and 2 TS, annotated, of ‘Like Immortality Almost’
  • 1 MS and 2 TS, annotated, of ‘Enough Is Too Much Already’
  • 2 TS, annotated, of ‘Drug-Crazed Thieves Wrecked My Lounge – Exclusive’
  • 2 TS and 1 MS of ‘Light-Sensitive’
  • 2 TS and 1 MS of ‘And Now, These Hot Days, Is The Mad Blood Stirring’
  • 1 TS of ‘A Different Ball Game’
  • NB a story is missing?

Man in Motion

  • 1 MS, 1st draft
  • 1 TS draft with 2 colour proofs of front cover (showing different images)
  • TS draft with b/w proof illustrations, photocopied page on cycle computers, and MS notes on cycle computers and American football

Dream House

  • Combined MS and TS (1st and 2nd drafts?), annotated
  • Annotated TS, later/3rd draft

Finders Losers

  • 1 MS, separated by chapter, annotated, 1st draft
  • 1 TS with MS insert, separated by chapter, annotated, 2nd draft, some duplication
  • 1 TS, occasional annotations, separated by chapter, 3rd draft

The Hillingdon Fox

  • 1 draft MS, more note-like towards end
  • 1 draft TS, annotated
  • 1 TS, occasional annotations

A Can of Worms (collection of short stories)

  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘The Travelling Settee’, annotated
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Too Old to Rock and Roll’, annotated
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘A Can of Worms’, annotated
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Front’, annotated
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Resurgam’, annotated
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Crocodile Time’, annotated
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Party Wall’, annotated

They Do Things Differently There

  • Annotated TS, 1st draft
  • Annotated TS, 2nd draft. Separated by chapter
  • Slightly annotated TS, 3rd draft
  • Suggested re-writes, TS
  • MS of draft passages
  • Collection of short passages about different characters/stories. Includes a letter from ‘Heather’ to ‘Tilly’ (Caroline Thomas) about copy-editing the book
They Do Things Differently There – hand-drawn map

Harriet’s Turn

  • 1st draft, MS
  • 2nd draft, TS annotated
  • 3rd draft, TS

In Black and White (collection of ghost stories)

  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘In Black and White’
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Who’s a Pretty Boy Then?’
  • 2 TS of ‘Efflorescence’
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘They Wait’
  • 1 MS, 2 TS, and 1 TS re-write of ‘Welcome, Yule’
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Grow Your Own’
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Birthday Girl’
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Old Money’
  • NB ‘Nule’ is included in ‘Nothing to Be Afraid Of’

God’s Story

  • 1st draft, MS
  • 2nd draft, annotated TS
  • 3rd draft, sparsely annotated
  • Some correspondence and research material

The Tale of Tobias (picture book)

  • 1st draft, MS
  • 2nd draft, TS, annotated
  • 3rd draft, TS
  • Samples of artwork (scanned?) and a page proof

A Fine Summer Knight

  • 1st draft, annotated TS
  • 2nd draft, annotated TS
  • 3rd draft, sparsely annotated

The Sighting

  • 1st draft MS and research notes
  • 2nd draft TS, annotated
  • 3rd draft TS
The Sighting – family tree

The Eclipse of the Century

A4 MS notes and 4 A5 spiral bound notebooks

1st draft, MS

2nd draft, Combined TS and MS

3rd draft, TS

Mr Dickens Hits Town

  • 1st draft, MS
  • 4 draft TSS
  • Correspondence with Kathy Lowinger of Lester Publishing, Toronto

Heathrow Nights

  • 1st draft, MS
  • 2nd draft, TS annotated
  • 3rd draft TS

The Lady With Iron Bones

  • 1st draft, MS
  • 2nd draft, annotated TS

Long Lost

  • 1st draft MS
  • Letter from Sarah Davies at Macmillan with editorial suggestions
  • 2nd draft TS, annotated
  • 3rd draft TS, annotated
  • 4th draft TS with MS rewrites
  • 5th “final” draft TS

Something In the Air

  • 3rd draft TS
  • 1st draft MS
  • 2nd draft TS

Eyes Wide Open (short stories)

  • 1 TS of ‘Teeth’, annotated
  • 2 TS of ‘Dan, Dan, the Scenery Man’, annotated
  • 1 MS, 2 TS and MS notes of ‘Mystery Tour’
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Eye Opener’
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Left Foot Forward’
  • 1 MS and 2 TS of ‘Uncle Matthew’

Aeroplanes (non-fiction early readers)

  • MS notes
  • MS draft
  • TS draft
  • 2nd TS draft
  • 3rd TS draft
  • Edited TS (including briefs for artwork) with correspondence
  • Printouts from internet of pictures of Icarus
  • Photocopied material about planes
  • Layout in A3
  • Layout with artwork roughs
  • Layout with sketched artwork
  • Colour proofs with research from internet, some correspondence and a b/w proof

Stratford Boys

  • A5 spiral-bound notebook
  • MS draft
  • TS draft
  • MS draft and notes
  • TS draft
  • TS rewrite
Stratford Boys – hand-drawn map of Stratford

Useful Idiots

  • 1st draft MS
  • 2nd draft TS with MS inserts
  • 3rd draft with letter from editor

The Electric Telepath

  • Draft MS
  • Draft TS with MS inserts
  • A5 spiral-bound notebook
  • TS with editorial insertions

Material on this page is copyright Estate of Jan Mark; images courtesy of Seven Stories The National Centre for Children’s Books.