Novels, short story collections and chapter books:

Thunder and Lightnings, illustrated by Jim Russell, Kestrel Books, 1976

Under the Autumn Garden, illustrated by Colin Twinn, Kestrel Books, 1977 

The Ennead, Kestrel Books, 1978 

Divide and Rule, Kestrel Books, 1979 

The Short Voyage of the Albert Ross, illustrated by Gavin Rowe, Granada, 1980 

Nothing to Be Afraid Of, illustrated by David Parkins, Kestrel Books, 1980 

Hairs in the Palm of the Hand, illustrated by Stephen Lavis, Kestrel Books, 1981 

The Long-Distance Poet, illustrated by Steve Smallman, Longman, 1981 

The Dead Letter Box, illustrated by Mary Rayner, Hamish Hamilton, 1982 

Aquarius, Kestrel Books, 1982 

Feet and Other Stories, illustrated by Bert Kitchen, Kestrel Books, 1983 

Handles, illustrated by David Parkins, Kestrel Books, 1983 

Two Stories, Inky Parrot Press, 1984 

Trouble Half-Way, illustrated by David Parkins, Viking Kestrel, 1985 

At the Sign of the Dog And Rocket, Kestrel Books, 1985 

Frankie’s Hat, illustrated by Quentin Blake, Longman, 1986 

Zeno Was Here, Jonathan Cape, 1987

Dream House, illustrated by Jon Riley, Viking Kestrel, 1987 

Enough Is Too Much Already, Bodley Head, 1988 

The Twig Thing, illustrated by Sally Holmes, Viking Kestrel, 1988 

Man in Motion, Viking Kestrel, 1989 

A Can of Worms, Bodley Head,1990 

Finders, Losers, Orchard Books, 1990 

In Black and White, Viking, illustrated by Neil Reed, 1991 

The Hillingdon Fox, Turton and Chambers, 1991 

The Snow Maze, illustrated by Jan Ormerod, Walker Books, 1992 

Great Frog and Mighty Moose, Walker Books, 1992 

All the Kings and Queens, illustrated by Lis Toft, Heinemann, 1993 

They Do Things Differently There, Bodley Head, 1994 

Taking the Cat’s Way Home, illustrated by Paul Howard, Walker Books,1994 

A Worm’s Eye View, illustrated by Jan Smith, Piccadilly Press, 1994 

Harriet’s Turn, illustrated by Jane Cope, Longman, 1994 

A Fine Summer Knight, illustrated by Bob Harvey, Viking, 1995 

Under the Red Elephant, illustrated by Jeffrey Reid, HarperCollins, 1996 

The Coconut Quins, illustrated by Anna C Leplar, Viking, 1997 

The Sighting, Viking, 1997 

God’s Story, illustrated by David Parkins, Walker Books,1997 

My Frog and I, illustrated by Lesley Harker, Mammoth Books, 1997 

Worry-Guts, illustrated by Jeffrey Reid, Longman, 1998 

Lady-Long-Legs, illustrated by Paul Howard, Walker Books, 1999 

The Eclipse of the Century, Scholastic, 1999 

The Lady with Iron Bones, Walker Books, 2000 

Heathrow Nights, Hodder Children’s Books, 2000 

King Herla’s Ride, retelling, Scholastic, Everystory series, 2001 

Long Lost, illustrated by David Roberts, Macmillan, 2002 

Something in the Air, 2003 

Stratford Boys, Hodder, 2003 

Eyes Wide Open, illustrated by Scoular Anderson, A&C Black, 2003 

Useful Idiots, David Fickling Books, 2004 

Riding Tycho, Macmillan, 2005 

The Electric Telepath, Red Fox, 2005 

Robin Hood All at Sea, illustrated by Tony Ross, Barrington Stoke, 2005 – new edition, with King John and the Abbot, as Hook or By Crook, Barrington Stoke, 2015

Turbulence, Hodder, 2005 

Voyager, Macmillan, 2006 

Road Closed, illustrated by Garry Parsons, Hodder, 2006 

King John and the Abbot, illustrated by Tony Ross, Barrington Stoke, 2006

The One That Got Away: 30 Stories from 30 Years, Roffo Court Press, 2020


Momma Travels Light, Priapus Poets, Berkhamsted, limited edition, 1987 

Picture books and illustrated non-fiction:

Out of the Oven, illustrated by Anthony Maitland, Viking Kestrel, 1986 

Fur, illustrated by Charlotte Voake, Walker Books, 1986 

Fun, illustrated by Michael Foreman, Gollancz, 1987 

Carrot Tops and Cottontails, illustrated by Tony Ross, Andersen Press, 1993

Presents From Gran, illustrated by Graham Percy, Walker Books, 1988 

Strat and Chatto, illustrated by David Hughes, Walker Books, 1989 

This Bowl of Earth, illustrated by Gay Shephard, Walker Books, 1993 

Fun With Mrs Thumb, illustrated by Nicola Bayley, Walker Books, 1993 

Haddock, illustrated by Fiona Moodie, Simon & Schuster, 1994 

The Tale of Tobias, illustrated by Rachel Merriman, Walker Books, 1995 

Mr Dickens Hits Town, illustrated by Regolo Ricci, Tundra Books, 1999 

The Midas Touch, illustrated by Juan Wijngaard, Walker Books, 1999 

Rats, Oxford University Press, 2001 

Shipwrecks Oxford University Press, 2001 

Aeroplanes, Oxford University Press, 2003 

The Museum Book, illustrated by Richard Holland, Walker, 2006 


The Weathermonger, Longman, 1985 

 Izzy, Longman,1985

Interference, Longman,1987 

Captain Courage and the Rose Street Gang, Collins,1987 

Time and the Hour, Longman, 1990 

The One That Got Away, Ginn,1994 


The Kingfisher Book of School Stories, Grisewood & Dempsey, 1989 

The Puffin Book of Song and Dance, Viking, 1992 

The Oxford Book of Children’s Stories, Oxford, 1993 

A Jetblack Sunrise, Hodder Wayland, 2003