Dream House

A novel for young teens, illustrated by Jon Riley, published by Viking Kestrel in 1987, and in Puffin in 1989. Dedicated to one of Jan’s favourite teachers, Mary Mitchell.

From an interview in the Australian magazine Magpies, March 1989

It is a real house. It is in Devon and that was the internal joke – because I know the house well, but not Devon generally, I shifted it to East Kent where I grew up and then wrote in this idea of it being used as a substitute location for Devon because of the cost of getting a crew down there.

From an interview in the Australian magazine Scan, May 1989

Dream House was the first novel I’d written with more than one viewpoint. You know that was partly Aidan (Chambers)’s hints in a review I saw. I thought, I really should risk something else and he does it all the time.

Puffin edition, 1989, cover illustration by Jon Riley