#janMARKuary 2021: Short Stories for Older Readers

Follow the hashtag #janMARKuary to join in Ben Harris (@onetoread) and others discussing Jan’s short stories – and other titles people happen to be reading.

1st JanuaryA Can of Worms (DYRM)Who is the main character?
How do you know?
2nd JanuaryA Little Misunderstanding (F&OS)Where did the story happen today? Was the setting ‘closed’ or wide ranging?
3rd JanuaryCloser than a Brother (DYRM)Was today’s reading mostly about:  Action? Setting? Characters?
4th JanuaryCrocodile Time (ACOW&OS)What feelings did you experience when you were reading JM today?
5th JanuaryDo you read me? (DYRM)If you could illustrate this story, what would you draw and why?
6th JanuaryEnough is too much already (F&OS)What do you think JM wants readers to remember most from this book/story?
7th JanuaryFeet (F&OS)Would the book make a cool movie or video game? Describe it!
8th JanuaryIn the story you are reading, are there clear ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’?
9th JanuaryFrankie’s Hat (FH)If you could re-title the JM you’re reading what would YOU call it?
10th JanuaryFront ( DYRM)Which was your favourite moment in today’s reading or in the book you have read?
11th JanuaryDescribe JM’s authorial voice from what you’ve read so far.
12th JanuaryI was adored once too (F&OS)Are there any authors writing today who you think are in the JM lineage?
13th JanuaryIt wasn’t me (FH)If you could interview a character from the JM you’re reading, what would you ask them?
14th JanuaryWhich character from your JM do you like most? Why?
15th JanuaryJust passing through (DYRM)What message(s) do you get
from your reading of JM so far?
16th JanuaryLike it is round here (FH)What do you make of JM’s dialogue?
17th January Have you read anything else like this book?
18th JanuaryMrs Tulkinghorn’s First Symphony (F&OS)Do JM’s characters seem believable to you?
19th JanuaryParty Wall (ACOW)Which part of your reading has stuck in your memory the most forcibly?
20th JanuaryIn your reading of JM what in your opinion interests her as a writer the most?
21st JanuaryPoor Darling (F&OS)Which character did you like least?
22nd JanuaryPosts and telecommunications (F&OS)Was there anything you disliked about what you read today?
23rd JanuaryTell us how the main character felt in your reading today?
24th JanuaryResurgam ( DYRM)Which character interested you the most?
25th January What surprises does this book have?
26th JanuaryStill life: Remote Control (F&OS)Is the setting of the story important?
27th JanuaryWould you read other books by JM? Why?
28rd JanuaryThe Gnomon ( DYRM)Was there anything that puzzled you in what you’ve read today?
29th JanuaryThe Travelling Settee (ACOW)How did the main character change in the story?
30th JanuaryFrom what you’ve read, what are JM’s frustrations?
31st JanuaryToo Old to Rock and Roll ( DYRM)Did you think the ending was a good one?

ACOW – A Can of Worms

DYRM – Do You Read Me?

F&OS – Feet and Other Stories

FH – Frankie’s Hat …

and don’t forget, Jan’s other YA collection, Enough Is Too Much Already.